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does list /ltm virtual all disable command disable all the vips


we are running version 10.2.4 on 3600 hardware. I have question related to list command

list /ltm virtual all disable --- will it disable all the virtual available on the LTM or just list the disabled virtual servers?

I would like to view the virtual servers that are marked down due to health monitor.. is there is any cli command for that.

Thanks in advance for the help. Thank you! Srinivas!

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It will list the "disabled" setting for all virtual servers:

ltm virtual vs.1 { }
ltm virtual vs.2 { }
ltm virtual vs.3 {
ltm virtual vs.4 { }

Virtual servers marked down by a health monitor may be trickier. I do not know one TMSH command that will allow you to list/show only virtual servers that are down due to monitors, but grep/tr/sed may get you what you need. Tested in v11.5 -

tmsh show ltm virtual | grep -E "::Virtual|Availability|State|Reason" | tr '\n' ' ' | sed 's/Ltm:/\nLtm:/g' | sed 's/\s\+/ /g' | grep "offline";echo

thank you for the response.

it says grep is the only filter available, tr/sed are not working.

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Comment made 02-Sep-2014 by shaggy 2240
you need to run the command from bash - type "run /util bash" in tmsh to open a bash shell
Comment made 03-Sep-2014 by Kevin Stewart
You can't be inside the tm shell for this. You need to be in Bash.

Thanks Shaggy. I am upgrading from 10.2 to 11.5. I needed a list of down VS and Pools so i can compare their status after upgrade. This made my job very easy.