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Enabling Transparent Forward proxy & WCCP on a Multi-Tenant Partition of SWG

I was wondering if someone may be able to answer a question for me. I'm considering a multi-tenant deployment of SWG and offering each tenant access to their own partitioned instance of Secure Web Gateway. I wanted to know if their partition was granular enough to permit Transparent Forward Proxy and give them the option to enable WCCP for their internal environment. Any views into this potential solution would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Partitions are not enough they aren't separate route tables, but the F5 does have a feature to allow this and that is Route domains (VRF's in other device languages). The cool thing is you can map route domains to paritions, what this does is when you select the partition when creating config it automatically adds the route domain id to every ip address you create in that partition.

If you didn't use partitions and just route domains you will have to create ip addresses like to put that ip address into route domain 10 for example.

In terms of SWG this works 100% I have done it before( i find it a great way of doing , Guest wifi, corp users, corp servers etc on the one box) the only thing i haven't done in your question is combine it with WCCP, but i dont see that being a big issue, if you can get it working in Common there is no reason it shouldn't work in a RD/Partition.