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Error when changing master-key

I am trying to migrate my ucs to a new platform. I am running 12.1.2HF1. I log into the current device, and go into tmsh and enter modify sys crypto master-key prompt-for-password. I enter the new password twice like it asks, but it returns the following error. 01071769:3: Decryption of the field (encrypt_cookie_secret) for object (/Common/Encryption_Cookie) failed. I do not know how to get around this, I have done two previous device without this issue. Any help would be appreciated. When I try to migrate the ucs, it fails as well.

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Comment made 18-Feb-2018 by uni 1155

An old question, which came up while I was searching for something else. I assume you have resolved it by now. If not, I can suggest a work-around, but not answer your question directly.

Turn off cookie encryption before you migrate, then add it back after. You will of course need to know what the secret is.


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