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Exchange 2016 APM outlook anywhere


i have an exchange 2016 deployed with iapp : f5.microsoft_exchange_2016.v1.0.1 bigip ver 12.1 owa and activesync working. outlook anywhere is not working. when i try to configure outlook 2016 to use an exchange 2016 mailbox i get prompt for password . after i typing the password a get a message:

The connection to microsoft exchange is unavailable.Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action. i think it's something related to outlook anywhere authentication.

i have attached screen shots from outlook,iapp,exchnage profile.

whats wrong ? Thanks, Aviv Hassidim

Image Text Image Text Image Text Image Text Image Text Image Text Image Text Image Text Image Text

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Comment made 06-Jun-2017 by Aviv 429

any update? no one deployed exchange 2016 with bigip?

Comment made 06-Jun-2017 by Aviv 429

if i change the autodiscover auth to basic and add this irule and then configure outlook with an account. it look like it works but after the restart of outlook ,i get an error : the connection to microsoft exchange is unavalabile

Image Text

Image Text Image Text


priority 1 when HTTP_REQUEST { set is_disabled 0 switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::path]] { "/ews/mrsproxy.svc" - "/ews/exchange.asmx/wssecurity" { set is_disabled 1 set path [HTTP::path] ACCESS::disable HTTP::path _disable-$path pool Ex2016FromInternet_ews_pool7 } "/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc/wssecurity" - "/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc" { set is_disabled 1 set path [HTTP::path] ACCESS::disable HTTP::path _disable-$path pool Ex2016FromInternet_ad_pool7 } } } when HTTP_REQUEST_RELEASE { if { [info exists is_disabled] && $is_disabled == 0 } { return } if { [info exists path] } { HTTP::path $path unset is_disabled unset path } }


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do you have any update ? I have issues with a F5 Exchange 2016 deployment as well. For example I try to access my OWA, I get landing page, login and I get an empy page with webmail/owa/sessiondata.ashx ... and when I clear the sessiondata.ashx ... to just only webmail/owa I get directly access to my OWA ! My deployment looks almost the same as yours ! Maybe you have some hints for me ?

best regards Manuel

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Comment made 07-Nov-2017 by Aviv 429

finally i do not use apm...and everything is working. when u will figure out whats wrong or how to make it work with apm please update the post.

Comment made 18-Dec-2017 by yairsh 59

Hi all

Too bad there is no help on behalf of F5 for this post, it's a common issue in APM . Aviv were you able to find a solution for it ?


Comment made 18-Dec-2017 by Aviv 429

Hi Yair ! i didn't got a solution from f5, so saddly i don't use apm. i think like u that it too bad that f5 support can't help with this issue.

Comment made 19-Dec-2017 by Stanislas Piron 10454

Devcentral is not F5 support.

There are lots of APM deployments for Exchange and it is working very well.

The reason of no response on this thread is configuring APM with iApps which is not recommended.

there is no benefit of using iApps with APM because of strict update feature which must be disabled to configure Access profile.

an iApp with strict update disabled is the worst configuration I can see. The first solution I do when I have to solve an issue is to remove the iApp.

Comment made 02-Jan-2018 by eLeCtRoN 251

Ohh that is correct, Devcentral is not F5 Support, but this answer does not help, so you can save your time ! If you read a F5 deployment guide so it is strongly recommended to deploy a Exchange environment with iApp and this include the APM config. And yes you are right AFTER the iApp deployment you have to disabele the strict updates for any changes ! So if I configure the APM by hand without an iApp, give me please an iRule that work correctly bypass BIG-IP APM for hybrid Services without any issues from above. I tried almost everything !


Comment made 12-Apr-2018 by k.kirchev 115

Hi Aviv,

could you please give a hint how you implemented exchange 2016 without APM?

I am trying to implement exchange 2016 manually(without iApp) on F5 12.1 without using APM. I am following deployment guide but still without any success. Interesting is that all exchange 2016 health monitors defined in guide are green(working) but MAPI still do not work(red).

Could anyone give some advice.

Comment made 12-Apr-2018 by Aviv 429

Hi k.kirchev!

You Need To use iApp and configure it to not use apm. i have attched all my configuration.

Good Luck


Image TextImage TextImage TextImage Text

Comment made 14-Apr-2018 by boneyard 5579

if monitors are red then there most likely is some issue. you can always try more simple monitors, i.e. just TCP or such.

Comment made 16-Apr-2018 by k.kirchev 115

On Friday afternoon I found my mistake. Thanks to another post of mine here - I tested with curl. I just made it wrong. I was trying to do MAPI over HTTP but obviously it was MAPI over HTTPS.

So it is running ok now.

Thank you guys for all your support. P.S.: I made it manually. Have a nice day!

Comment made 27-May-2018 by MAbbas 63

Hello All, i am in the process of deploying exchange and loadbalancing with F5 - i dont require APM for authentication , hence was thing of just deploying the iApp but from Kirchev s and others posts - i am thinking of deploying manually

for manual deployment can you please - on how you configured it Thanks