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Expected Speed/Throughput on APM SSL VPN

Anyone have vpn configured with APM? I can't find anything on throughput speed limitations. I am seeing terrible speeds in relation to actual link speed when going through the VPN. We have a 1GB network wire. When transferring files via WinScp over the VPN on the LOCAL network I am seeing client to server speeds around 600 to 900 KiBs. When I bypass the VPN Im getting 900Mbits/sec. Now I know that there is overhead but is there that much overhead? Is this expected performance? I have tried everything including stripping down the VIP to no auth, performance profiles, DTLS...etc. I have checked license limitations as well. I have tried tweaking the TCP profiles to up the windows and buffers but this doesnt seem to make any difference. The capture doesnt show the tcp sliding window factor but it seems like the F5 is choking on the data when transferring or its telling the client not to dump so much data on the wire. If this is the case then fine but I cant find any explanation out there. What do your speeds look like? I have tested internally from client>switch>firewall>bigip>switch>server on a local lan and the speeds are around 6-9Mbits.

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Comment made 21-Jun-2017 by AN 165

We are having same issue with CISCO Anyconnect I thought I will try F5 but seems like it's same issue you are having,, I haven't configured on F5 ,,, I will try and see if I run into bandwidth issue..


Comment made 11-Sep-2017 by pponte 145

I am not using it, but it seems there is a way to limit bandwidth connections.

Go to Access Policy ›› Network Access >> Client Traffic Control

I don't know if there is any default value


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Did you ever have any luck on this? I have noticed the exact same behavior.

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Comment made 1 day ago by xXhd1912Xx 195

This turned out to be a cipher/ssl issue. Try using a faster cipher on the profile, my customer at the time noticed a huge improvement when changing the ciphers. Can’t remember what he used however.