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BIG-IQ - Replacing bigip.conf file from old UCS

When I originally set up an initial BIG-IQ on some 7000 hardware chassis, it took me a long time to finally get the LDAP settings correct.

We've since removed those chassis and I'm working in a VE for BIG-IQ. I'm following the steps here to extract specific files from a UCS.

I'd like to restore the User Management > Auth Providers entirely, but cp /var/tmp/old/config/bigip/auth/* /config/bigip/auth/ doesn't appear to be working.

Is there a better way to do this? Restoring from UCS but editing the management IP address? I'm open to ideas.

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Comment made 2 days ago by Zuke 329

I've copied the extracted /config/bigip.conf file to /config/bigip.conf2 , renamed it to /config/bigip.conf and then tmsh /save/sys config partitions all

After the config saves, the bigip.conf file reverts to the previous default configuration.


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