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F5 12.1.2 code - Possible Mac OSX version 10.13.1 (High Sierra) issues timing out

Currently upgraded to Big-IP 12.1.2 build 2.0.276 Hotfix HF2 and i am starting to see trouble tickets of MAC users (running OSX 10.13.1) not being able to connect to Login pages presented by my F5. The user usually gets a a timeout error.

I tried it on a MAC of my own and I was unable to reproduce the error so it seems to randomly affect my users. Also, these users have issues with vdi connections as well. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with MAC users since upgrading to the latest code?

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Comment made 04-Dec-2017 by Rosieodonell 368

Looks like High Sierra is not supported on 12 code. I am going to upgrade to 13 code and see if that fixes my issues. I will respond back with a solution if this fixes my issues!

Comment made 05-Dec-2017 by boneyard 5637

please do indeed, i have looked into support for high sierra in the past on 12 and didn't find anything it wouldn't be the case.


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So upgrading to the newest 13 code (hotfix 3) fixed all my issues. The release notes for 13 code said it did support the newer MacOS.

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Comment made 10-Dec-2017 by boneyard 5637

thanks for reporting back, gonna remember this.