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F5 Apm can not replace UAG

Hi everyone!

i have used Microsoft Uag for years. when Microsoft has announced end-of-life for Forefront UAG, f5 told us that f5 apm can replace uag function in all fields. this is not true!!! apm can not publish remoteapp as uag can, and we are very disappointed from the product. i heard that citrix and juniper can pulish remoteapp application's easily and i'm thinking of buying one of them in stead of bigip apm for our DR. if i'm wrong and Apm can publish remoteapp i would like to know how, if not i suggested you to think twice if you about to purchase bigip.


Aviv Hassidim

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Comment made 15-Apr-2016 by Jason Rahm
Hi Aviv, sorry to hear that you are facing some implementation obstacles. Let me reach out to some folks internally and I'll get back to you.
Comment made 15-Apr-2016 by Andrey Terentyev
Hello Aviv. Could you elaborate on what kind of RemoteApps have you been using with UAG? We have a feature scheduled for next release to support *RDP* RemoteApp publishing on APM Webtop. Is this what you're looking for?
Comment made 16-Apr-2016 by Aviv 428
Hi Andrey! in uag you can import a remoteapp configuration file that was exported from remoteapp server. all i need is to publish a seamless rdp application in f5 portal. when the next release will publish? Aviv
Comment made 16-Apr-2016 by Aviv 428
Hi Jason! did you find something?
Comment made 25-May-2016 by James 176
I would like to know if there has been any movement on this. We are trying to do the same, replace UAG with APM. I found several f5 offering SWG (Secure Web Gateway) can replace UAG: https://www.f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/f5-tmg-replacement-dg.pdf https://f5.com/solutions/deployment-guides/microsoft-forefront-threat-management-gateway-replacement-big-ip-v115-ltm-apm-aam-afm I much rather use APM since I have a license for APM and SWG is additional license.
Comment made 28-Jul-2016 by James 176

I just finished attending a training for APM (Access Policy Manager). I was told by several F5 Sales Engineers that APM should be able to replace UAG. I am in the process of testing POC for this.

Comment made 28-Jul-2016 by boneyard 5579

i think the main question related to the original one is if you use RemoteApps. so the idea of not a whole rdp session but only one application

in general UAG can be replaced by LTM / APM, but it was a pretty broad product and depending on what you used the result with big-ip can differ.

hopefully Andrey can say something about which next version we are talking about for RemoteApps, is that 13?

Comment made 25-Jan-2017 by Manuel Cristobal 73

Hi James... how is the POC going on? any significant issues? I am embarking on my own migration from UAG to F5 any heads up will be appreciated


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Microsoft RemoteApp Services are supported with APM v13.0 which is officially out since February 2017:



Not sure about the RemoteApp portion, but I have several customers who have migrated to APM from Forefront UAG and are satisfied. The majority of these are using purely web-based applications, with SSL encryption and leveraging APM's single sign on capabilities among a number of applications.

James, what features in particular are you interested in replacing?

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Comment made 18-Jan-2017 by Aviv 428

f5 told me that version 13 will have support for RemoteApp. they told us that it will be released until the end of 2016. for now,as i know,,there is nothing new. does someone know when it finally will be released?