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F5 BIG IP per packet load balancing ?

Hi All can anyone tell if it is possible to do per packet load balancing on an F5 Big IP LTM appliance? if so how is it done?

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Hi carl,

Can you explain your context. it is UDP or TCP?

it's depending your context and what's you want to do.


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Comment made 29-Aug-2018 by carl.townshend 142

hi, both udp and tcp, so any IP packet, for example send 1 packet to pool member 1, the next to pool member 2. you can do it with a cisco router using per packet load balancing cheers

Comment made 29-Aug-2018 by Chase Abbott

Per-packet LB on a Cisco was intended for link spanning (path-based) to ensure no one pathway was saturated with traffic but traditionally the destination network was the same. Because it assumes the destination is aggregating those packets back together, it doesn't track host or user sessions. It is intended to have a single source and destination (think router to router). ADC load balancing has multiple destinations, per-packet doesn't work in those cases.

In your example if the pool member is a server, balancing per packet will break the session because there's no completed TCP handshake on a single destination, no complete SSL/TLS handshake and we would have no visibility if the two end points are putting the session back together.

Are you trying to use BIG-IP as a router and duplicate the Cisco path-based per-packet load balancing features?

What are your pool members?

Comment made 31-Aug-2018 by carl.townshend 142

I understand what you are saying, could F5 be used as a router to effectively load balance a connection outbound to the internet ? wherby the pool members would be routers ?

Comment made 04-Sep-2018 by Chase Abbott

Gotcha. I was just making sure. Up until the 12.x version we offered a Link Controller product which did similar features but that is no longer available. I don't think we'll be able to cover the per-packet LB you're looking for to aggregate across outbound links. Sessions, yes. Full connections, sure. Just not per-packet.