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F5 LTM with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)


I would like to implement a Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) with four nodes in a cluster so that together eight nodes via F5 for the services VS DATA 443 and VS MAPI 9090, if two of the primary four nodes go down then the other four nodes should be used. This can be implemented via priority groups. But here also a URL-remapping, rewrite should be done.

e.g. standard HCP URL for native RESTful access https: // namespace tenant hcp_cluster_dns_name / rest / *..

Client / Application access URL through F5: https: // hcp_cluster_dns_name / rest / tenant / namespace / *


https: // namespace tenant hcp_cluster_dns_name / rest / *..

Maybe someone has already done such a Scenario or has any idea !


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Comment made 5 months ago by catap 59

Hi eLeCtRoN,

did you managed to have a working configuration for you setup ? i also need to configure a load balancer for 2 HCP clusters and i was thinking that your experience can help me :)

thank you in advance



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