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F5 Training Voucher.

I have an F5 Instructor Led training voucher. It says it is transferable. Would I be allowed to sell or trade this?

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Hi Darrell,

Thanks again for completing the capture-the-flag challenge at Agility Chicago (and participating in the other games). If I remember correctly, you made out pretty well when we were handing out prizes!

Our goal was to reward winners of the tech challenge with an opportunity for further education; that VILT voucher is yours to do with as you wish. The voucher you have is unique, in that the one-time phrase code is user-agnostic so that anyone with that code may redeem it.

We're already planning the breakouts, labs, games, challenges, and prizes for Agility in Boston, and hope to see you there.

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Comment made 22-Jan-2018 by Darrell Paul 54

Thank you Leslie,

The Capture the flag was great fun, and really facilitated more interaction between participants. It was a great Idea and I hope to see more like this in 2018 Agility. As well the vouchers are a great prize. However, my continued education with F5 is beating me over the head daily in our production trials and tribulations.

Maybe since I cannot use the voucher we can help find a good use for it Someone who could not receive the training elsewise.

Yes, I plan to be at Agility 2018 for sure and will actively try to help promote and spread the word about the DevCentral fun!

Thanks Again,


I'm not an F5 employee, but I've had a little experience with training vouchers. I'm sure an F5 employee will eventually reply and give you concrete info, but for now I will share my experience.

First, I don't see how you could sell a voucher as they are logged on a specific customer account. I'm pretty sure when they say transferrable, they mean within your company at work, meaning it doesn't have to be you that goes to training, but anyone in your company that you designate.

Second, if what you mean by "trade" is being able to exchange LTM training for training in another module like ASM or APM, then yes, I have asked for that to be done in the past and provided the courses are of the same or shorter length as the one you were given a voucher for, there's no issue.

Hope this helps.

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Comment made 28-Dec-2017 by Darrell Paul 54

This one was a challenge prize and has code to sign up for any F5 run online class. It was not registered to Name or Company.

Comment made 29-Dec-2017 by boneyard 5579

doesn't it have a contact or such email or phone number to check?

Comment made 29-Dec-2017 by Darrell Paul 54

Yep, it said contact Devcentral.