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F5 URL redirect without changing the URL

Hi guys, Newbie here with F5. I want to set up a redirect a site but want to keep the same URL of the site. For example if I go to: http://site1.com/subsite1 it will redirect content to: http://site2.com/subsite2 but I want the URL still stay the same on users' browsers http://site1.com/subsite1 and the content is from http://site2.com/subsite2 As another word, on user's browser, the URL still shows http://site1.com/subsite1, but the content is from http://site2.com/subsite2

is it possible? I did some researching, seems like what i'm looking for is a Reverse Proxy Redirect? I'm not so sure. Could you help me to create this rule? Thank you so much in advance


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Comment made 26-Jul-2018 by Stephane Viau 122

Hello Hoang,

It is very possible, although it can cause weird issues depending on how the backend application is coded. Your best bet is to look into rewrite profiles to rewrite incoming URLs (from the HTTP request header) as well as reponses sent back to clients (HTTP response header, HTML code, Java scripts, etc).

Comment made 26-Jul-2018 by rob_carr 1607

We've been discussing exactly this issue here.

Comment made 27-Jul-2018 by hoangtoon 53

Thanks guys! Hi Stephane, so I'm reading the instruction from https://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/products/big-ip_ltm/manuals/product/ltm-implementations-11-4-0/21.html

All I need is configure the "Creating a Rewrite profile to specify URI rules" part right? Do I need to do the Remove Tag part too?

I did the Rewrite profile part already, and then set it on the Virtual Server, but it doesn't work. Can you give me some advice? Thanks


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