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F5 vcmp upgrade

We have f5 vcmp guests in cluster in our production environment.we are planning to upgrade both the guests with new hotfix.we have mirroring enabled at cluster level but not at exclusively on the virtual ip config.connection table of virtual ip’s is not getting replicated on secondary guest.would this create an outage for normal user who is accessing the application during the switchover of vcmp guests while upgrade is happening

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Comment made 18-Mar-2018 by Adidasn2019 55

If the Virtual server has mirroring enabled + persistence, it does depends how user connect to the application i.e. does it require ssl persistence or what not....however the failover should be seemless, but of course, should fail over before you upgrade the guest.


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if there is no mirroring configured on VIP level then it will depend on the service. You may get some short term outage for long lived connection until the connection being reestablished with active bigip.

for short lived connection like http, smtp etc you may even not notice any issue unless you are using sort authentication etc you may be asked to login again.

Actually this is totally depend on your network and service configuration.

In case if you have mirror enabled for vip and persistence (if any) then there should not be an issue.