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f5'connections less than concurrent users.

i don't know why f5's connections are less than server's concurrent users (example connections in f5 are 1000; but concurrent users are 2000). I used f5 bip-ip 5050 version 12.0.0. pls explain to me.

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Comment made 04-Jan-2018 by NAG

Could you please give us some insight on how you are calculating current users. Is number of Active TCP connections = number of Concurrent Users ?

And also tell us number of server side and client side connections on F5.

Comment made 07-Jan-2018 by luyenntk50db 265

To NAG, I show it in: Statistics ›› Module Statistics : Traffic Summary : General F5'client side connections = F5' server side connections.

I want to know F5' active connections formula in this appliance. Because I see in F5'GUI acctive connections as 1000; but in DB server concurrent user statistics as 2000. Pls guide to me.


Comment made 08-Jan-2018 by NAG

no of active connections on F5 is nothing but Number of open TCP connections. There is no Specific formula for this.

Could you tell us, on the DB server, if the number of Active TCP connections = number of Concurrent Users ?

Usually, on servers, number of Active-users/concurrent-users are calculated based on number of open Session.


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In the HTTP server, you can define a user session timeout to x minutes, this session can live without tcp connection.

When a user does a request to a new resource within an existing session, the browser opens a new tcp connection, send the request with a HTTP cookie referring to the session, then close the tcp connection.