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Feature Request - Data Group Import/Export

Hey Joe,
   Could you add import/export buttons to the "Data Group Editor" window that would allow me to import (merge or overwrite) and export contents?  Thanks!

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Comment made 23-Oct-2013 by Aurel 177
Hi, Same question. Seems very not friendly to export Data Group and import them again. (the DataGroup menu GUI is really terrible, but i'm mustn't be the first to say it)
Comment made 26-Oct-2013 by Hamish 3391
Afraid I agree. And if we could get the name consistent (class, data group) it would be nice too...
Comment made 27-Oct-2013 by uni 1155
I usually use tmsh to list data groups, edit it in a text editor, the merge it back into the config: "tmsh list ltm data-group internal my-datagroup" and "load sys config merge from-terminal"
Comment made 30-Oct-2013 by Hamish 3391
Hi Uni... Yes, a real pain (OK. It's easy once). However, it's also not so easy to hand this kind of stuff off to a level 1 support person either, who may not necessarily be real experienced with either BigIP or even Linux. And what happens if (when) you forget to type 'merge' on the import anyway? H
Comment made 31-Oct-2013 by uni 1155
I feared forgetting to type merge too, so I have an alias set up on every bigip I manage : alias merge, command "load /sys config merge from-terminal". Now I only type merge :)

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