Firepass Not Seeing .pac File When Connecting

Attemping to use a .pac file to block some sites and also redirect. I have verified via Pactester that the .pac file I am using works.

When the machine is online on the office network - it works

When offline at home the sites listed are being blocked and re-directed.

However, when logging into the VPN using Firepass - the sites do not block, or re-direct.

When the Client Proxy Settings are hard coded into the Resource Group the sites blocked as needed. However, this is not an optimal configuration.

We need to be able to use the following setting: Use http:// path for auto-generated ProxyAutoConfig script.

Has anyone run into this issue and can lend some advice?

Firepass Version is 7.0

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Something to consider is do you have access to the .pac file when connected to the VPN? If the browser cannot get to the .pac file it will not use the proxy configuration and it will go out the default route.

What's your GPO set to within IE? Remember the Internet LAN setting is different than the dial-up connection .pac file setting.

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