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Functional VIP just no stats!


I've created an LTM VIP which has 1 pool and 1 node associated for SSL Remote access. Aside from the fact that this is for remote access (VPN) the VIP is setup just like all the other ones we do for serving up web sites.

I've created everything manually and I've also created it via an iApp but no matter how I do it I never get any stats in the Pool nor in the VIP itself. I have an identical setup at our other DC so you can access them independently, both working great but neither side shows any stats.

GTM is also setup between them which is working great as well and the ONLY place I see stats is the GTM Pool properties and I can see the # of lookups, that's it!

I'd love to see actual stats like connections, bytes, etc, the typical stuff I'm just baffled as to why I'm not. Any ideas?


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If you are using the VIP with an Access profile for network access, there will be nothing going to the pool as the connection terminates in the NA resource.

If you are using a VIP which is just pushing traffic to a separate SSL VPN server on the backend, you should indeed see traffic.

As for the VIP itself. I'm unsure off hand. However the first thing to do is take a qkview and upload it to https://ihealth.f5.com. Look for the graphs of session (APM) and throughput and also bring up the VIP and look at its details.

If you can do this quickly I'll have a look during my quiet time in the next few days. Send the Hostname and the VIP name to me direct at J.Huttley@F5.com. This is not official support.

Also when you ask a question can you state the version and if its in the cloud please?