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Geolocation Database version(s) between download and rpm

Is there any way to correlate the version from downloads.f5.com for the Geolocation database .zip file and the corresponding .rpm file(s) respective to each database?

For example, the current version available for download is: ip-geolocation-1.0.1-20150702.144.0.zip

However, once installed, the same version appears as:

[shat@host]$ rpm -qa geoip


However, if you perform a lookup you can see the date at least, which reflect the same date in the filename string:

size of geoip database = X, segments = X, version = GEO-148 20150702 Build 1 Copyright (c) F5 Networks Inc All Rights Reserved

Here is the issue, even if I have the latest installed and perform a lookup, I can see the dated release, then I perform a rpm -qa to determine the installed version, which is not dated. My goal is to have an easier way to perform a check as to what the available version is versus the version running on my BIG-IPs. Most of this is already done (writing in Python), but this last step is painful because there doesn't seem to be an easy way to match them up.


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As of today, the method outlined above is the only method I have found to determine the version of Geolocation database currently running on a specific BIG-IP. Anyone have another idea? BUMP