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Getting active pool member connections using Python

If I want to see all of the client connections connecting to a pool member from the CLI I can do something like a "show sys connection ss-server-addr". I can also do this using Postman mapping to "https://BIGIP/mgmt/tm/sys/connection?options=ss-server-addr+";, but I cannot figure out how to do this via Python.

Using Python if I try to connect to "bigip.sys.raw" I do not see a module called "connection" or anything similar. Does anyone know how, or have some sample code on how to accomplish this?


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The stats are pulled from the pool or member itself. Try this for an example:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from f5.bigip import ManagementRoot
from getpass import getpass
from pprint import pprint

hostname = 'my.f5.ltm.net'
username = 'foo'

mgmt = ManagmentRoot(hostname, username, getpass())

pool = mgmt.tm.ltm.pools.pool.load(name='my_pool_name')
poolstats = pool.stats.load()


members = pool.members_s.get_collection()
member0_stats = members[0].stats.load()

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Comment made 06-Jun-2018 by Tim Harber 56

Thanks Jason. I am able to get stats the way you describe, but what I am trying to get is the actual connected clients connected to each pool member. For example from the CLI if I do a

 show sys connection cs-server-addr

I get the following resuts:'

Sys::Connections  tcp  3  (tmm: 10)  none  tcp  2  (tmm: 10)  none  tcp  11  (tmm: 11)  none  tcp  2  (tmm: 6)  none  tcp  1  (tmm: 1)  none  tcp  10  (tmm: 7)  none
Total records returned: 6

I am trying to get this same data using the API. I can get it via REST using Postman, but cannot figure out how to do it using Python.

Comment made 06-Jun-2018 by Jason Nance 218

You're saying pool member but cs-server-addr is virtual server.

If you want connections to the virtual server use:

virtual = mgmt.tm.ltm.pools.pool.load(name='my_vs_name')
vsstats = virtual.stats.load()

If you want pool member stats they are in the member0_stats = members[0].stats.load() example above (you will need to iterate the pool members) - member0_stats.entries['serverside.curConns'].

Here's a graphical breakdown of the various cs/ss arguments:


Comment made 06-Jun-2018 by Tim Harber 56

That example was a virtual IP, but was just the example IP I had in front on me. In reality I need this for both virtual servers and pool members.

But in any case, when I use your example for pool members I get the output of the value of the number of connected clients instead of the list of client IP's connected to the pool member as I showed above. My results for that code give me:

{'value': 5}

What I need is the list of those 5 IP's that are currently connected to that pool member which I can get using the CLI command "show sys connection ss-server-addr x.x.x.x"

Comment made 06-Jun-2018 by Jason Nance 218

Ahhh... Okay, sorry, I'm picking up what you're putting down now.

I don't think that the Python SDK supports this but you can do it with REST calls (using requests or your preference).

Here are a couple pages describing this:


https://devcentral.f5.com/articles/demystifying-icontrol-rest-part-3-how-to-pass-query-parameters-and-tmsh-options (example 4 is exactly what you're trying to do, I think)

I suggest opening an RFE on the GitHub page: