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Getting the security policy associated with a VIP.

I am new to the F5 python SDK and I am trying to pull the security policy associated with a VIP. I am unable to find the security policies tied to a specific VIP through the LTM sub package and I cannot see the ASM attribute in the BigIP object.

from f5.bigip import BigIP

Connect to the BigIP

bigip = BigIP("hostname", "username", "password", token = True)

I have seen a lot of examples using the ManagementRoot class. What is the difference between the BigIP and the ManagementRoot classes ?

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Please go through the following links to get a better understanding of the REST API.



As to your question regarding security policy associated with a VIP, there is currently no endpoint for this. However, you could parse policy url from the JSON returned by mgmt.tm.asm.get_collection() and then make a Request to that URL. It should return all policies which you can filter based on VIP. Here is some sample code related to a few ASM objects:

import urllib3
from f5.bigip import ManagementRoot
from uuid import uuid4
import random
import socket
import struct
import requests
import logging
from logging.handlers import RotatingFileHandler
import json

_auth = {"_url": "https://admin:admin4@", "_host": "", "_user": "admin", 
"_pswd": "admin4"}
_headers = {'accept': 'application/json', 'content-type': 'application/json'}
_config = {
            "_partition": "Common",
            "_vs_name": "test_vs_",
            "_vs_desc": "Test Virtual Server",
            "_vs_source": "",
            "_vs_list": ["", ""],
            "_vs_mask": "",
            "_vs_st": {'type': 'automap'},
            "_pool_name": "test_pool",
            "_pool_desc": "This is a test pool",
            "_node_name": "Test Node",
            "_node_list": ["", ""],

def _bigip():
    return ManagementRoot(_auth["_host"], _auth["_user"], _auth["_pswd"])

def _configure():
    _mgmt = _bigip()
    _pool = _mgmt.tm.ltm.pools.pool.create(name=_config['_pool_name'], 
    _pool.description = _config['_pool_desc']
    for _node in _config['_node_list']:
        _pool.members_s.members.create(partition=_config['_partition'], name=_node)
    _vs_obj = _mgmt.tm.ltm.virtuals.virtual
    for _dest in _config['_vs_list']:
        _vs = _vs_obj.create(name=_config['_vs_name']+str(uuid4()), destination=_dest, 
              source=_config['_vs_source'], mask=_config["_vs_mask"], 
              sourceAddressTranslation=_config["_vs_st"], pool=_config["_pool_name"])
        _vspr_obj = _vs.profiles_s.profiles
        _pr1 = _vspr_obj.create(partition=_config['_partition'], name='http')

def _get_virtuals():
    _mgmt = _bigip()
    _vs_collection = _mgmt.tm.ltm.virtuals.get_collection()
    for _vs in _vs_collection:
    return _vs_collection

def _get_pools():
    _mgmt = _bigip()
    _pool_collection = _mgmt.tm.ltm.pools.get_collection()
    for _pc in _pool_collection:
    return _pool_collection

def _get_url(_url):
    _logger.info("in _get_url")
    return requests.get(_url, headers=_headers, auth=(_auth["_user"], 

def _get_asm_policies():
    _mgmt = _bigip()
    _asm_collection = _mgmt.tm.asm.get_collection()
    _policy_url = _auth['_url']+_auth['_host']+_asm_collection[0]['reference']['link'][17:]
    _r = _get_url(_policy_url)
    _policies = json.loads(_r.text)
    _logger.info("--- Total available policies: "+str(_policies['totalItems']))
    for _item in _policies['items']:
        _logger.info("--- Policy Name: "+_item['name'])
        _logger.info("--- Policy Description: "+_item['description'])
        _logger.info("--- Policy Active?: "+str(_item['active']))
        _logger.info("--- Created by User: "+str(_item['creatorName']))
        _logger.info("--- Last Policy Change: "+str(_item['creatorName']))
        _logger.info("--- Device Host Name: "+_item['versionDeviceName'])
    return _policies

def _get_whitelisted_ips():
    _policies = _get_asm_policies()
    for _item in _policies['items']:
        _whitelistip_url = _auth['_url']+_auth['_host']+_item['whitelistIpReference']['link'][17:]
        _r = _get_url(_whitelistip_url)
        _whitelisted_ips = json.loads(_r.text)
        _logger.info("Total Whitelisted IP adresses: 
        for _item in _whitelisted_ips['items']:

def _get_session_awareness_settings():
    _policies = _get_asm_policies()
    for _item in _policies['items']:
        _sa_url = _auth['_url'] + _auth['_host'] + \
        _r = _get_url(_sa_url)
        _sa_settings = json.loads(_r.text)

def _get_signatures():
    _policies = _get_asm_policies()
    for _item in _policies['items']:
        _signatureset_url = _auth['_url']+_auth['_host']+_item['signatureReference'] 
        _r = _get_url(_signatureset_url)
        _signatures = json.loads(_r.text)
        _logger.info("Total Signatures: "+str(_signatures['totalItems'])+ " going to 
                     print first 10")
        for _item in _signatures['items'][:10]:
            _signature_url = _auth['_url']+_auth['_host']+_item['signatureReference'] 
            _signature = _get_url(_signature_url)
            _logger.info("Signature Name: "+json.loads(_signature.text)['name'])

if __name__ == "__main__":
    _logger = logging.getLogger("SDK Log")
    _formatter = logging.Formatter("%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s")
    _handler = RotatingFileHandler('sdk.log', maxBytes=100000, backupCount=0)

    # _configure()
    # _get_pools()
    # _get_virtuals()
    # _get_whitelisted_ips()
    # _get_signatures()
    # _get_session_awareness_settings()