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GTM irule to dynamic create pool

GTM is currently setup to return 3 DNS record for each query. Here is what I would like to achieve, but not sure whether doable or not.

If I have following region, data center, and server pools.

Region 1, DC1 with server pool 11: R1D1S1, R1D1S2, R1D1S3, R1D1S4, etc. Region 1, DC2 with server pool 12: R1D2S1, R1D2S2, R1D2S3, R1D2S4, etc. Region 1, DC3 with server pool 13: R1D3S1, R1D3S2, R1D3S3, R1D3S4, etc. Region 2, DC1 with server pool 21: R2D1S1, R2D1S2, R2D1S3, R2D1S4, etc. Region 2, DC2 with server pool 22: R2D2S1, R2D2S2, R2D2S3, R2D2S4, etc. Region 3, etc etc

I would like to give out three DNS records that combine record from different pool. For example one from pool 11, one from pool 12, and one from pool 21. Inside each pool, it can be round robin, or other methods. Example: for user1 in Region1, it will give out R1D1S1, R1D2S, and R2D1S1. for user1 in Region2, it will give out R2D1S2, R2D2S1, R1D1S2.

Max DNS record return is assigned on pool level, not GTM wide IP level. Is there a way we can achieve this natively in GTM? Or any possible irule to support it? Sorry I'm very new to this.

Thank you! - Haitao

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