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GTM Returns IP of Offline Pool

I have a WideIP configured containing two pools, the pools consist of a single LTM vserver instance from each of my datacenters. Currently I have the load balancing method in the WideIP set to Global Availability, Pool1 is offline due to the servers being down, Pool2 is up and healthy, when I do an NSLOOKUP for the wideIP name it is returning both the offline pool and healthy pool.

I also noticed this when I was trying to set up topology rules, subnets local to the Pool1 server I want to direct there primarily but if that pool is down go to Pool2, I set this up with weights preferring Pool1 but was never responded to with the Pool2 address even though Pool1 is down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In the load balancing method for Pool1, is the Fallback set to None? It needs to be set to none so the GTM moves on to Pool2. Otherwise if Pool1 is down, it will try whatever your fallback method is instead of moving on to Pool2.

Another possibility is to have a single pool with both LTM VS in it.

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Comment made 02-Jul-2014 by mimlo 1138
Also, there was just another discussion on this, with a little more detail on pool selection and fallback method. https://devcentral.f5.com/questions/gtm-global-availability-load-balancing-to-down-pool
Comment made 02-Jul-2014 by JRichter 249
I think that did it! I knew it was going to be some check box somewhere that I needed.....I will continue to test but it looks good so far. A single pool I don't think is an option, I want to be able use the topology rules to route to the closest resource, I'm not sure how I would do that if they were in the same pool.
Comment made 16-Mar-2016 by ccna55 14
Also ran into this thanks Worked.