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gtm virtual server status

I have two GTMs in a single group. Each GTM has only one public network address and one link, and one IPS is connected. When the link on gtm is broken, the link will detect the line down, so the virtual server under the link is also down. What is the state of the virtual server on another GTM at this time, how is it achieved?

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Here is an excerpt from the F5 Local Traffic Manager and DNS Operations Guide.

In order to monitor the health of objects in the configuration, BIG-IP DNS devices in the synchronization group sends monitor requests using iQuery to another iQuery server that is closer to the target of the monitor. All BIG-IP DNS devices in the synchronization group agrees on which BIG-IP DNS is responsible for initiating the monitoring request. The result of the monitoring request is sent by the iQuery server to all BIG-IP DNS devices connected to it that are participating in the synchronization group.

This shows that each gtm is responsible for certain virtual servers and will not send a monitoring request if that virtual server is shown as down. In your case, this means that as long as the BIG-IP DNS devices are in sync, the virtual server status will be consistent among all of the BIG-IP DNS devices so your virtual server would show as down.

If you have any more questions, I am sure I can help.

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Comment made 3 months ago by Wangzixuan 204

It can be understood that the connection on GTM_A is ISP_A, and the address on GTM_A has A_XXX. GTM_A is responsible for checking the status of A_XXX VS and synchronizing the status to the synchronization group. GTM_B receives the status of the status notification flag VS A_XXX of GTM_A. When the GTM_A line is down, GTM_B does not receive a status notification, and VS_XXX is marked as down.



Once you add LTM devices as BIG-IP Systems (GLSB -> Servers), GTM will pull all Virtual Servers from LTM device you added, and will continue to monitor VSs status.

To take advantage of GTM you will need at least two GTM pool members (two LTM device with Virtual Server name=ABC_VIP_http1 Virtual Server IP = and Virtual Server name=ABC_VIP_http2 Virtual Server IP =, or have 2nd GTM pool member as a stand-alone server. mcdvoice