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How bigip decide it's status

Hi everyone

I would like you ask you how bigip decide to become active or standby when to attach failover cable to 2 bigips in case of they are same status, such as act/act or sty/sty.

Condition is as follows.

1 Only have hardwired failover.

2 No network failover, fast HA configured.

3 Ver. is 11.2.1.

I have tried to test in my lab. But I can't make sure how bigip decide to behave as Active or Standby in it's self. No found information from askF5.

Do you have any idea?

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The failover cable is just an electrical signal. If you reboot the BigIPs, the first one to fully come up should be the one that goes active first. The second unit should then go standby as once it comes up it will already be receiving a signal from its peer.

If you plug in the cable when they are both active, I would presume that the first one to detect the failover signal would be the one to go standby. You should never have units in standby/standby (as in in normal use this configuration is impossible).

There is no way to predict this. Under normal circumstances it should not matter who is active and who is standby. If it does matter in your environment, I would suggest network failover which allows this configuration.

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Comment made 14-May-2018 by Hello world 162

Hi Chris

Thank you for providing information. I agree with the explanation you provided. There is no way to know that we can predict which bigip prefer to become active or standby when attaching the failover cable in case of both bigip becomes active. I have no questions further more.

Thank you very much.