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How do I see the configuration lying on another slot?

Dear all.

Does anyone know the way to see the configuration that is lying on another side slot?
For example, I have 3 slot and default boot slot is HD1.1.
In the situation of being on the slot 1, I want to see the configuration, which is bigip.conf, bigip_base.conf in the slot2 or 3.
Is it possible?

HD1.1 BIG-IP 11.2.1 1299.0 no complete
HD1.2 BIG-IP 11.3.0 3164.0 no complete
HD1.3 BIG-IP 11.5.4 3.0.305 no complete

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You can mount the var partition for another boot volume:

# ls /dev/mapper/*_var

will show the LVM objects containing var partitions. You can mount the one of those partitions (from HD1.2) as follows ...

# mkdir /mnt/alt_var
# mount -o ro /dev/mapper/vg--db--sda-set.2._var /mnt/alt_var
# ls /mnt/alt_var/local/ucs

You can then copy ucs files from the mounted partition to /shared.
Once you have finished, remember to unmount

# umount /mnt/alt_var

Of course, you can also mount the /config volume in a similar fashion.
Remember to mount the alternative volume as read-only (-o ro) so you cannot change anything and cause a config issue that may prevent system startup.

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Comment made 25-Jul-2018 by Hello world 162

Dear Blakely

Thank you for quickly respond.

I could see the config that is lying on another slot.

It's useful.

I hope that this feature will be supported in the future.