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How do I view an ASM policy's id and configure a Whitelisted IP using ASM's Rest API?

I was asked if there is a method to configure an ASM whitelist across several policies. To my knowledge, this is not possible from a global context so my recommendation was to use ASM's Rest API to make the updates. If you have your own method, please share.

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Using the following command I was able to obtain the ASM policy ID.

curl -sk -u admin:password\$select=name | sed 's/,/\'$'\n/g'

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I then used the following command to add a whitelisted IP address to my policy. I also added an additional option to never block this IP address.

curl -sk -u admin:password -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"ipAddress":"" , "ipMask":"" , "blockRequests":"never"}'

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