How to apply multiple clientside profiles to single virtual server

I have a setup in which i have to URLS expose on one public  IP address and want to apply to different client side profile to single vitual server base on the URL and context



Please help

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Which type of profiles please?
these are ssl profiles
This is a common request. Unfortunately, you can't read the URL until the SSL connection has been established by which time it's too late. There are a few possible solutions but they are not ideal at this point in time;
1) Create multiple Virtual Servers with the same IP but use a different port for each SSL cert you have. Obviously your clients will need to specify the alternative port in their browser.
2) Use TLS v1.2 SNI which is designed to overcome this problem, however, you'll need to be sure all your client's browsers support it and you're running TMOS v11.1 at least.
3) Get a wildcard SSL certificate - this is only useful if you have many sub-domains but the same domain (i.e., etc.)”

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