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How to configure basic Virtual server in F5 LTM

I am new to F5 LTM.

How to configre Virtual server

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Comment made 06-Apr-2015 by lingesh 93
I have public ip.can i use Pblic ip as VIP ip

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There is a lot of good info where you can understand the workings of the F5 device. Go to support.f5.com


Lingesh, go ahead and take the free course at # university.f5.com to get the understanding on how we can create virtual server. And answer for your question, YES you can create a route domain for the Public IP subnet you want and you can start using the Public IP as a VIP IP.

If you dont want go for a detail study , or just to create a VIP below is the option :

Login to F5 box --> Click on Local Traffic --> Virtual Server --> Create --> Give all necessary parameters. If you still have questions , feel free to reply. I can help you configuring a Virtual server.