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How to configure new VIP in LB using CLI?

Hi Guys,

Can some one please help me out in knowing the commands for configuring the new VIP via CLI.

2 Answer(s):

Citizen_elah posted a very handy method for making changes to the running configuration using the bigpipe command (aliased as b). Just wrap the outer curly braces in single quotes and you don't have to escape any of the new lines in the statement. In general, you can create one example of an object in the GUI and then check the /config/bigip.conf for the CLI syntax. You can then use bigpipe to create the object. Make sure to run 'b save' to write the config from memory to the config file.

b virtual test_http_vs '{
snat automap
pool test_http_pool
ip protocol tcp
rules test_rewrite_stream_rule

The exact format has changed over the versions, so make sure to check your bigip.conf for the exact syntax for your version.

Hey..thanks for the help....

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