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How to manually set time in LTM

I was in the process of adding one of my LTM appliances to Big-IQ and it failed with an error message that read " Discovery of device XX.XXX.XX.XXX failed because the difference in time between this BIG-IQ and the BIG-IQ is greater than 300 seconds." I'm using the same NTP servers for both the appliance and Big-IQ. Now I simply want to know how to manually adjust the time on the LTM appliance.

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Support KB3381 will apply for this issue.

  1. Log in to the command line.
  2. To change the operating system time, use the following command syntax: date <month><day><hour><minute><year>.<second>

The specific format is as follows:


For example, to set the time to 1:00pm on January 1, 2007, you would type the following command:

date 010113002007.00

  1. To save the time to the hardware clock (BIOS), type the following command: hwclock --systohc
  2. To ensure that the BIG-IP system daemons operate and log properly once the operating system clock has been changed, you will need to reboot the BIG-IP system. To reboot the BIG-IP system, type the following command: reboot
  3. After the system has rebooted, you can verify the system time and the hardware clock time by typing the following command at the BIG-IP command line: date ; hwclock

The output appears similar to the following example: Thu Oct 22 17:03:16 PDT 2009 Thu Oct 22 17:03:16 2009 -0.000328 seconds

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Comment made 05-Apr-2018 by DenisGR 266

I have tried command line provided above but getting the following error message on my big ip VE 12.1.2 : "Syntax Error: unexpected argument "date"

Comment made 06-Apr-2018 by CharlesCS 643

The date command runs in the advanced (bash) shell, not in the TMOS (tmsh) shell.