how to switch from portal access webtop to full webtop after login?

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i currently have landing page configured as a portal access webtop so that after user logs into APM, they see the landing page.  at this point, is there a way to provide user a way to see a full webtop so that they can access specific resources such as RDP'ing to a server?


Firepass has the functionality "Allow FirePass WebTop access" where user can switch from a landing page to a list of resources.  


what is the equivalent of this functionality on APM?


thanks in advance!

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anyone knows the answer to this? thanks
basically is there a way for user to go to a landing page after logging in and still have some method to get to the full webtop if needed? for Firepass, going to the URL /vdesk/index.php3 does the trick. but this does not work for APM...

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