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How to use acunetix of F5?

Dear All

I have a query : Recently i found out that "acunetix" vulnerability testing tools can be found in the F5(as a build in application).Can anyone tell me how to use it and if there is a documents or book then can you provide me the link so i can download and study.

If it is included in the F5 is it full version of "acunetix". Can i use it to test my web site vulnerabilities.

Waiting for reply. Thanks in advance.

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do you have a source for that? it really helps in answering such a question.

it might be something is coming, google turns up this which is marked for deletion and not accessible, but perhaps that is announcement that will come: https://f5.com/resources/white-papers/vulnerability-assessment-plus-web-application-fire

i don't expect F5 to just add a vulnerability for free to their product, but well who knows.

still what i expect you have heard and perhaps misunderstood a little is that the F5 ASM module can import results from a number of vulnerability scanners and act on those.

see their website: https://www.acunetix.com/blog/docs/supported-web-application-firewalls/

see F5 ASM info on this: https://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/products/big-ip_asm/manuals/product/asm-getting-started-13-0-0/5.html

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Comment made 12-Aug-2017 by Rockers 57

Thanks for the reply.

I have to wait till the VA+WAF in the same product. But can't access the link " https://f5.com/resources/white-papers/vulnerability-assessment-plus-web-application-fire";

Thanks for the clarify what F5 can do with the VA. But what the F5 will do after having exporting the result from the VA tools? Are the stop exploiting those vulnerability from outside? :)

Waiting for the reply.

Comment made 12-Aug-2017 by boneyard 5395

no you can't access the link, but if you google for acunetix and f5 i will turn up, so perhaps a piece of news for the future. but that is pure speculation.

F5 doesn't export the results, you import the results from the acunetix scan in the F5 ASM module and then the ASM module can protect you from certain of the issues found.

Comment made 12-Aug-2017 by Rockers 57


Waiting for the future like WAF+VA may be f5+acunetix or other.

I will ask admin of F5 to make the policy for acunetix vulnerabilities.