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How would I securely route traffic in gateway mode so that each routed network cannot route directly to another?

Hardware: F5 LTM 2000S I'm trying to create some default forwarders, while using partitions and not using any route domains, to forward any traffic not explicitly defined in the virtual server configuration. The F5 LTM needs to forward all traffic to and from the subnets for which it acts as the default gateway. At the same time, it cannot be allowed to route traffic directly between the connected subnets. What configuration is needed to achieve this result?

Default Forwarder Example

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You could setup individual VLANs for each and put a network wild card forwarder on each VLAN for the traffic on that network. So for instance:

VLAN: RED Virtual Server: VLAN: PURPLE Virtual Server: VLAN: GREEN Virtual Server:

That should accomplish what you want. As the Virtual servers are only listening for traffic on those specific networks, they won't forward traffic bound for another. Make sure you only enable them on the relevant VLAN, however.