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HTTP Compression JSON Issue

Running 11.6.1, configured http and compression profile on a VIP. I'm seeing CSS and Other data "Content Type Compression".

Response headers are showing content-type = application/json, text/javascript, text/css

Any reason why Content Type Compression does not show any data under "JS".

Here are my content list:

application/(xml|x-javascript|javascript|json|css) application/json text/(x-javascript|javascript|css)

Dev says json is not being compressed? Does "Other" include json compression?

I also have a irule to log compression and I show "executions" and no aborts or failures.

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Comment made 07-Jun-2017 by BinaryCanary

could you share what's in the Include list and what's in the exclude list?

Comment made 07-Jun-2017 by Mister C 183

Content List: Include application/json application/(xml|x-javascript|javascript|json|css) text/(javascript)

Exclude List is NULL

Comment made 07-Jun-2017 by BinaryCanary

since your include list includes the content type being set by the server, then you need to ensure that the URI is not somehow excluded (since you can specify both content type and URL criteria).

if anything matches the exclude list, it is not compressed, so you need to make sure your lists are mutually exclusive.

Comment made 07-Jun-2017 by Mister C 183

So the problem is with IE. Chrome works fine with application. IE will NOT perform any compression all together. I have enabled "browser workaround" and IE craps out.

What am I missing here?

Comment made 08-Jun-2017 by BinaryCanary

Compression also depends on the headers that the client send. I believe it's the Accept-Encoding header.

What do the request headers from IE look like? What version of IE? Does it support Gzip?


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Issue was IE due to a non-supported IE version running on WIN7. Looking to validate against WIN10 client(s).