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I just created a new iApp using the default http iApp.  Disclaimer, this is the first time I've used this iApp wizard.  I got through the wizard without problems and my application is working; however, I can access the web application via IP or hostname.  I can even create a local host entry and connect over any hostname that resolves to the correct IP.

I want to force the use of one hostname for this application.  I'm used to configuring the host match in the HTTP Class profile, but the http iApp wizard didn't create the HTTP Class object.  

I'm not finding this control in the objects that the iApp wizard did create.  Do I need to make an iRule for this?  I realize there is a dedicated iRule group, but this seems like the best group to ask first since I'm dealing with the iApp defaults.

Any help is much apprecitated.

Oh yea, I'm running the latest BigIP code - 11.2 HF2.

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I've needed to do this before myself and I'd say an iRule is the way to go.
Can anyone post a simple iRule to do this or do I need to ask the iRule group directly?

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