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HTTP Redirects and Storefront


I would like to redirect users back to my APM logon page when the APM inactivity timeout expires and the user subsequently clicks a link on the Storefront page (or better yet the redirect happens automatically).

Seemed straightforward enough but HTTP redirects do not work. I can see the client receiving the redirect but it is not acted upon.

I think this is to do with the fact that POSTs are used when you click a link on Storefront but maybe also that iframes are (maybe?) in use? But to be honest im not sure - its beyond this simple network engineers understanding of web coding!

Could somebody shed some light on a solution please?

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Comment made 18-Mar-2014 by Rene C. 252
Can you be a bit more specific with "HTTP redirects do not work"? Do you actually get the redirects on the client but they are not followed? Or doesnt the client get the actual redirect?
Comment made 18-Mar-2014 by boneyard 5579
indeed, check what the client receives with for example inspect element in chrome.
Comment made 19-Mar-2014 by vinocalk 83
OK so I have used VPE to send users to a redirect ending when "GetLaunchStatus" is seen in the URI (the logic being that this URI should only be send after authentication has taken place so if it is seen before then the user needs to re-authenticate). I can see from a wireshark trace that the 302 redirect is sent (the URI actually being the /my.policy logon page as expected). The client then tries a GET for /my.policy and a HTTP 200 with the logon page is returned. But in the web browser I still see the old StoreFront page. Somehow I need to break the browser out of the StoreFront page.

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