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I want to send a syslog with "time / user / history contents".


I'm going to use the CLI command's "history" As the title says I want to send syslog with input time / user name / history contents.

The version is 11.5.3v. Is there a way?

For example, When typing the history command in the CLI,

tail / var / log / ltm
tmsh save sys config

If it appears as

170414 19:11 / root / history
170414 21:30 / sjsong / tail / var / log / ltm
170610 10:32 / root / tmsh save sys config

I want to send the syslog by listing as above.

When an administrator uses any command, it should send the contents.

I think it should be solved using either "crontab, icall, irule".

Please help me ..

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