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iApp Exchange 2016 OWA and two factor Radius


I have a Exch. 2016 deployment with the iApp 1.0.2 with following options:

BIG IP balance and optimize traffic
provide secur auth using AMP
new access profile
aaa server and FQDN and so on
yes bypass APM for hybrid services
SSL bridging (re-encryption)
profiles and certs are correct working
use single IP for all connections
all services handeld by same set of mailbox server
single VS IP
deploy OWA (form based auth)
no deploy ms outlook or ews
deploy autodiscover
NTLMv1 auth
deploy standard monitors
one FQDN for all HTTP sevices

I our case, all is working but if I login at the OWA landing page with the IE11. I get after a successful login the OWA formbased login, and after a successful login there I get a empty page 400 with FQDN/owa/sessiondata.ashx or owa/auth.owa (SSO not working). But now I switch my access in the browser manually to FQDN/OWA I get directly access to the OWA and everything works fine. So the next think is the logout, click I logout than I get the message "Access policy evaluation is already in progress for your current session" and this sucks. I tried for this scenario many iRules here form devcentral but nothing is working.

My second thing is I would like to protect the OWA access with a two factor radius auth, but it seams to be the iApp defines so much and has own session variables and so on it is not working. I tried it.

For this both case I need a solution because at this version of iApp it is not working and maybe someone has this already depolyed because I can't be the first one who tried this deployment secenario !!!

I hope someone has a idea or anything else

THX Manuel

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