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IAPP Exchange VIP


I am setting up an exchange VIP using IAPP, and seem to have encountered some network issues once i enabled the service. Unfortunately because of the outage i didnt have time to troubleshoot, or take tcpdumps, i was required to disable the new VIP asap.

What i have noticed with the config of the IAPP VIP, when i look at "Enabled ON", its set to "All VLANs and tunnells", when all of my other VIPs are enabled on say VLAN2.

When i try and change this i get the following error: The application service (/Common/VIP/VIP) has strict updates enabled, the object (Virtual Server /Common/VIP/VIP_combined_http) must be updated using an application management interface.

I know the obvious questions are around routing and client default gateway configuration, but my first questions is, is it possible to amend my IAPP created VIP to specify VLAN2 only - this is the only difference between all other VIPs?



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Comment made 02-Nov-2016 by Chase Abbott

If you're not managing the application through the iApp, you COULD turn off strict mode which would allow you to edit the objects created by the iApp directly.

(Advanced view within the iApp application view). Would that work for you?


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I'm not completely familiar with the Exchange iApp but I do know that, unless there is a specific configuration in the template that allows you to select the appropriate VLAN for the VIP, you have only two choices:

  1. Modify the iApp template to add a choice for VLAN/Tunnel. (Note that modifying an F5-supplied template may affect support terms. Please check with your F5 support representative.)
  2. Turn off Strict Updates for the Application Service so that you can modify the VLAN setting on the virtual server itself. (You probably want to turn Strict Updates back on again, or completely manage the application independently of the iApp application service.) Note that, if you do turn off Strict Updates, make the change to the VIP, and then subsequently reconfigure the Application Service, your VLAN setting change may be undone. You would have to remember to manually reapply the change again.
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Comment made 02-Nov-2016 by Fred Slater

Cathy's 2 options are correct. The Exchange iApp Template contains no vlan configuration, so the virtuals get the tmsh default, which is "vlans-disabled vlans none". You can either copy and modify the template, or turn strict-updates off and modify the virtuals directly.

Comment made 03-Nov-2016 by superd 269

thanks a million cathy, and fred. Im sorted now :)