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iAPP with ASM ?

Hi we have an iAPP created in strict mode.

We created the ASM Policy and want to integrate it with VS of the iAPP. Is it possible?

How we create the the ASM Policy for the iAPP created in stricted Mode?

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No, add the ASM policy and change the iApp to implement the LTM policy on the VS

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Comment made 2 months ago by MSZ 473

It means that we don't apply ASM on iAPP. If we change the iApp to LTM policy on VS then definitely required the down time.

Someone told me that just remove the Strict mode and apply ASM. Is it that simple?

Comment made 2 months ago by Pete White

Hi, yes it is that simple but I thought you wanted to use strict mode.

Note that you can remove strict mode and apply the ASM policy to the VS but it will be removed the next time you reconfigure the iApp. So it is fine as long as you remember that in the future but there is a risk that you or somebody else will forget at some point in the future. The best way is to change the iApp if you can, then you can't forget.