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iControl Rest Add Vlans to VCMP guest

Hello All,

I have been working automating some of our L2 and L3 tasks and running into a an issue where I am unable to add the created vlans to VCMP Guest. I am using powershell to do that. My understanding is that because the vlans properties in the VCMP guest is not a sub-collection in the guest object then we'll have to query the vlans into a variable, add the new vlans to that variable and add that back to the guest

#Get vlans current vlans from Guest 
$GuestVlans = Invoke-RestMethod "https://BigIPMgmtIP/mgmt/tm/vcmp/guest/GuestName" -Credential $creds -Method GET -ContentType application/json | select -ExpandProperty vlans``

#Add new vlans to $GuestVlans
$GuestVlans += "Common/Newvlan1"
$GuestVlans += "Common/Newvlan2"

Invoke-RestMethod "https://BigIPMgmtIP/mgmt/tm/vcmp/guest/GuestName" -Credential $creds -Method PATCH -ContentType application/json -Body $GuestVlans

#Add the vlans back seems not be working and I am getting the following error

Invoke-RestMethod : {"code":400,"message":"Found invalid JSON body in the request.","errorStack":[]}

I am new to this and trying to learn as much as I can so any of your help will be very welcomed.

Thank you

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It looks like you are attempting to patch the contents of the vlans property, when the rest method expects a vcmp guest object. I think you need to stick $GuestVlans back into a guest-like object like (pseudocode) {"vlans":$GuestVlans}, and that may do the trick.

I'm also not certain about the way you are adding vlans, which looks like it will just result in one long string "Common/OriginalVlanCommon/NewVlan1Common/NewVlan2", but I'm not familiar enough with these powershell commands to be certain.

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Comment made 07-Apr-2017 by The Y 210

Good call. I 'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for the answer