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If server team wants to add servers to F5 what all information's do you collect from them ?

Hi F5 Team ,

If server team wants to add servers to F5 what all information's do you collect from them ?

Regards , chethan

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Depends on what the servers are for ?

This is also completely dependent on your infrastructure - and to a degree - the culture of the company ?

Do they have the names of the pools they want adding to ? If so - it should be a case of Name Of pool, IP of server, Port of server

If they don't, have this - They might have the VIP IP - It requires a bit more work to find out what pool its in.

Is there a complex iRule blah blah blah


Currently we ask the following: 1. What is the IP address of the system?

  1. What is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the system?

  2. What port is the service listening on? We encourage each site or application to have it's own port.

  3. What response from the application running on the server should indicate that the application is health to respond to web requests? (If they are unsure we check for an HTTP/1.[0,1] 2XX message.

  4. Provide two or three persons or teams for us to contact if we have an issue. We prefer team / group email addresses.


what else can we ask ?

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Comment made 05-Aug-2016 by Scott Hopkins 256

Let's flip this on it's head... why aren't these enough? Bare minimum, you have to fill out the fields on the member add screen for a pool (IP, Optional FQDN/Name, Port). Anything else is up to the specifics of your particular config. Just adding pool membvers, you should have monitor, alerting contact, SSL usage, etc... already covered.

If you're setting up a configuration for a whole new application, this decision tree is much larger.