imap monitor for exchange 2010 iapp failed


I installed newest Exchange 2010 iAPP template 2012_06_08 on a bigip (with version 11.2.1 HF1).

Everything works fine but imap monitor generated via iapp does not work. The imap service is available via port 143 on each cas server with any imap client software
accessable and I´m able to access the imap port 143 via telnet from the bigip command line as well. So, there must something with the monitor itself.


Are there any exeriences within this case?


thanx bb

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Hi bigbrother, we haven't run into any issues with the IMAP monitor in our testing. If you like, you can post a scrubbed version of the monitor config here and we can review it. You should also open a case with F5 support, as it will help us track outstanding issues with the iApp.

Hi everybody

This is just my feedback to let you know.

It was not a iApp issue on the BigIP. I used "simple monitoring" for the exchange iApp which includes all the imap configuration if enabled as well. I did not know that the specific CAS servers need to be configured correctly in this case. But RTFM is all about smiley

This help step is written on the buttom of the form if imap is enalbed devil

"You must enable IMAP4 on your Client Access Servers before the service will be available.
You must configure the Authentication properties for IMAP4 on each of your Exchange Client Access Servers to allow logins using plain text."

So, it was just a CAS server konfguration and it works now!

Thanx anyway


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