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"Install Configuration" During activating new boot location


I'm preparing to upgrade my devices, and one thing is not completely clear to me. While activating Boot location you can choose to install configuration.

According to documentation when activating a boot location, the Install Configuration option allows you to select a configuration to be installed from a boot location other than the boot location being activated.

I'm not completely following it. If I choose not to install configuration will I get a clean, out of the box install?

Alternatively - should I choose to have a configuration installed from the previously active partition, in order to retain my current setup?

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Nothing like testing this for yourself :)

As it occurred the default behavior is retaining the old configuration upon upgrading the system. No "Install Configuration" needed, unless you want to rollback to some older setup

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Comment made 16-Feb-2018 by Dan Bowman 227

"Install configuration" is only needed if there's been a bit of time passed between you installing the upgrade on its volume, and then booting into it.

At install time the current config will be applied to the upgraded volume, but if you then wait a few days and have made some changes to your LTM configuration, you can force these changes to the new volume by checking that box before you reboot.

Comment made 16-Feb-2018 by FMA 282

That's absolutely true, hope this'd be added to upgrade procedure SOL someday.