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This maybe basic query but how do I assign IP address to 1.1,etc. interfaces?

I've created VLAN with IP address of the local subnet and put that particular interface under that vlan but I still cannot ping the vlan IP address from that particular subnet.

The switch that the LTM connects to is a Cisco 3750G...

What gives?


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Which VLAN IP are you refering to? Do you mean you can't ping the default gateway in the VLAn or you can't ping from your network into the self address of the LTM?

VLAN Ip of the LTM... I can't ping out or into the LTM from an external host which is on same subnet as the LTM vlan.

Interface 1.1 is connected to the switch...

Running: BIG-IP 9.4.7 Build 320.1 Final
Is the Self adress and VLAN HSRP on the same network? Is there a default route on the LTM pointing to VLAN HSRP address which you can get to from an external host upstream from your network?

Where would I find VLAN HSRP? When setting up the vlan, I did not see that setting...

Self IP ( is assigned to vlan 1, which is assigned to the 1.1 interface, which is hooked up to the switch (10.10.0.x subnet).

Okay, i got it.

Wrong Tag on the vlan id

Hi frnds,


I am also not able to ping switch vlan ip address From Firewall .

Connectivity :- My F5 ltm is connected between cisco3750 switch and Checkpoint firewall .

F5 Internal vlan is 1212 with iP ADDRESS AND External Vlan is 1717 with Ip address and Virtual Ip is and Default gateway is  firewall ip address .

i used vlan 1212 on switch with ip address  and vlan 1717 on firewall with ip

I am able to ping VIP and vlan 1212 ip  from firewall.

But i m not able to ping switch vlan ip  from firewall  and also from switch to firewall not able to ping.

On F5 vlan 1212 and 1717 is in a group Vlan,

Please assite me , Am i missing some configuration on F5 ?????????


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