Internal servers can't access internet - F5 LTM VE


I'm a newbie to F5 so be easy on me :) . I setup an F5 LTM VE on Vsphere 4.1 and I have setup basic load balancing on 2 VM guest servers I created. I also have my Vsphere host trunked to my physical cisco switch. Everything seems to be working. From my home network I can access my VM guest servers on my Vsphere host but I can't access the internet from my VM guest servers. I tried playing with the default routes on the LTM but no luck.  I  aslo have the default gateway of the my VM guest web servers set for the self IP ( I can also ping my SVI on my switch ( with no problems. If I configure my VM guest web servers default gateway with the SVI of my cisco switch VLAN ( then I can acess the internet but then it breaks my load balancing. Any help would be appreciated. Here's a little diagram of what I have.


                 VLAN 10                      
         <--- ME              
-                                                              -
-              Cisco 3550 Switch                  -
-             Vlan 10 (                -
-             Vlan 20 (                -
-             Vlan 30 (                -
-                                                              -
                     |  <---TRUNKING 10,20,30

-                Vsphere Host       -      
-                F5 LTM VE          -
-                Web Server VS IP     -
-                Web Server Self IP     -
-                Web Server         -
-                Web Server         -
-                                                                        -




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By default, your device won't route traffic that isn't handled by LTM. You need to either configure a forwarding Virtual Server or configure routing Virtual Servers. See this article for more information on configuring the routing Virtual Servers:

I'm new to this F5 virtual forward stuff but I did what the article said with no luck. I also have it attached. Is there a certain way to configure this with the setup I have. Thanks in advance.

Ok, so, can you clarify what the default route is on both the VM guest server and the F5 please?

The default gateway I have set for my VM guest servers are (Self IP). Also I created a default route to the gateway of (Cisco switch Vlan SVI). Screenshot also attached.

My mistake forgot to attach screenshot.

Can't see the attachment.

OK, I think I fully understand your configuration now. So, the default route you setup for LTM, you did this in the GUI? Can you post the text output of the 'route' CLI command please. Plus the text output of the routing Virtual Server configuration.

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