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IP ranges in the "IPV4 Address Space" for network tunnels.

Hi experts, I am a newbie in F5, so I hope this is not going to be a complex question:

I have a BIG-IP 5250 running V11.5.4 Build 1.0.286 Hotfix HF1.

I have a network tunnel defined. When the user connects with his windows PC client, the only subnet added in his routing table is /16. I think this is because this is the unique IP range added in the Network Access List “IPV4 LAN Address Space” option.

Now he should access the /16 IP range. For that reason I added the /16 ip range in the “IPV4 Address Space” list as an additional line. But when the client PC connects, he keeps getting only the ip range in his routing table. So that he must manually add the /16 static route /16 in his PC prior to gain access to it.

Is there any other place to add the additional subnets for the network tunnel clients? Thanks.

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Comment made 12-Jul-2016 by BinaryCanary

this seems like a trivial observation, but did you save and Apply the Access policy? I'm guessing the question is about Access Policy Manager Network Access

Comment made 12-Jul-2016 by IheartF5 2377

Stab in the dark as not an APM person - I can't answer your actual question but does changing the net/mask to help?


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