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IPSec configuration steps for GTM and LTM

Hi, I would like to know the precise configuration steps involved on F5 GTM and LTM to allow IPsec VPN pass through. Can anyone please point me in the right direction as this is my first assignment, could not locate any relevant document for it. The traffic flow will be as follows:- Windows VPN IPSec connection coming in from Internet------> GTM ----> Internet FW (I am ok with the rules)----> LTM VIP -----> SNAT -----> Internal FW (OK with rules)-------> Backend Routing and Remote Access Server. Want to achieve end to end connectivity between the internet client and the Backend Routing and Remote Access Server. Many thanks in advance. Regards. darkfibre09

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Comment made 31-Mar-2017 by darkfibre11 1

I am only looking for the IPSec specific configuration for the GTM and LTM as I have all other configuration ready with me.

Comment made 1 month ago by Jozef Hamar 166

Hi there. Any luck with finding a solution? I'm also trying to loadbalance multiple IPSec endpoints.

Thank you.



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