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iRule or Policy to do Redirection Possibly

I am fairly new to the f5 and I'm trying to figure out how to do redirection when using url with port number then hitting a pool it would load balance one of the servers. I've already created the nodes with port numbers 10400 and 10000. I've create a pool with those nodes and create http and https VIP. What I'm trying to do is when a user type in http://xyz:10400/test/ or https://xyz:10400/test/ or http://xyz:10000/test/ or https://xyz:10000/test/ it will load balance using those pools. When I do that I keep getting the page cannot be displayed.

Going to the servers directly work: https://abc:10400/test/

But if I go using the VIP it doesn't work: https://xyz:10400/test/

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You can create 2 VIP or a wild card VIP:

First alternative, you can create 2 VIPS, supose xyz ip is

  • VIP1:
  • pool member1:
  • pool member2:


  • VIP2:
  • pool member1:
  • pool member2:

Other alternative is to have only one VIP:

  • VIP*
  • pool member1:*
  • pool member2:*

you have to disable "Address translation" and "port translation" in VS settings. Additional as you set a wildcard VS you can set an irule to allow only port 10000 and 10400.

Let me now if you need more details or help for implementation.


Comments on this Answer
Comment made 11-Jul-2018 by vashvgl 1

I didn't realize that the service port on the VIP needed to be changed also to 10400 I thought you have to use only 80 or 443 for the service port because the nodes I put in were using the 10400. Your answer solved my problem thank you for the quick response.

Comment made 11-Jul-2018 by vashvgl 1

Hey youssef I got this to work for https but how would it work for http to https redirection?