iRule Refresh Environments

I'm looking for some advice on ways to simplify the refresh of iRule logic from a PRD environment to QA.   The challenge we have is that we frequently need to copy the logic from our production environment to QA or a development environment, and due to the difference in pool and class names, the process is very manual and time consuming. 


Any ideas on how to make it simpler?   Like extracting the environment specific stuff into variables or something?  I'm just looking for ideas on how others have solved this. 

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can simple thing such using static global variable as object (pool, class) name help?

just my 2 cents.
I'd agree it's a good approach. Once you've done the work once to map out the Prod to QA name it would be a pretty simple copy and paste each time.
You could also use a data group or "master" static variable with the environment name set and then create all of your static variables based on that. You'd then only have one object to update when moving between environments. We did this for a customer with ~6 environments and it worked well.


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